Alan Kropp & Associates (AKA) offers a broad suite of geotechnical consulting services tailored to our clients’ needs. The core of the geo-services we provide include:


Geo-Investigations AKA provides a complete range of geotechnical and geologic investigation services involving borings, cone penetration tests, geotechnical instrumentation, geologic mapping, geophysics, and technical research. The investigation services that we perform range from preliminary feasibility-level studies to final design-level geotechnical investigations. Follow-on services may include design-phase consultation, plan review, and value engineering. Learn more »

Geo-Hazard Assessments

Geo-Hazard Assessments AKA has specialized expertise in identifying, characterizing, evaluating, and mitigating geologic hazards. The services that we provide include generalized geo-hazard studies as well as specific studies tailored to landslides, liquefaction, and earthquake groundshaking. We also offer probabilistic seismic hazard assessment and quantitative risk assessment services. Learn more »

Construction Services 

Construction Services AKA provides a full range of geotechnical construction-related services in support of engineering projects. These include field observation and testing services related to excavation and shoring, drainage, fill placement, foundation installation, and pavements. We also provide geotechnical laboratory testing of soil and rock materials. Learn more »

Expert Services

Expert Services AKA provides a specialized suite of geo-expert services to attorneys, insurance companies, and public agencies. These services include expert witness testimony, litigation support, forensic analyses, neutral third-party investigations, and peer review. We also frequently make ourselves available as a technical resource to local public media. Learn more »

Aerial Imagery

AKA provides a full range of aerial imagery services and products from the largest and most complete collection of California historical aerial imagery dating back to 1928. Our experts will help you with your projects providing experience and expertise. Learn More»