ExpertKey expert services that we provide include:

  • Insurance – Alan Kropp and Associates routinely provides causation evaluations of geotechnical related losses, such as landsliding, settlement, construction vibration, and drainage related issues for many of the nations largest insurance companies including Allstate, State Farm, Travelers, and Farmers Insurance.
  • Neutral Party Investigations and Consultation – As a well recognized and respected expert in the field of geotechnical forensic engineering, Mr. Kropp is often called upon by judges and court appointed mediators to provide neutral party data collection investigations in relation to contested geotechnical related loss issues and also to advise the court as a neutral expert in regard to key geotechnical issues.
  • Peer Review Services – Alan Kropp and Associates routinely provides peer review services for a number of public agencies, including Alameda County, City and County of San Francisco, City of Vallejo, City of Healdsburg, City of Pinole, and City of El Cerrito.
  • Litigation Support Services – Alan Kropp and Associates provides expert witness investigation and testimony services for both plaintiff and defense geotechnical related legal claims. Our litigation support services include geotechnical forensic investigations, aerial photo interpretation, consultation with attorneys to assist in evaluating the strengths and weakness of disputed technical arguments, and expert witness testimony at mediations, arbitrations, and trial. Our extensive experience in litigation support provides us the proper background to communicate technical opinions in a clear and understandable manner.
  • Media – Mr. Kropp is routinely called upon by various media outlets throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to provide expert content and comments in relation to natural disaster news stories such as major landslide movements and earthquake related issues.