Construction Services

Construction ServicesAKA provides a full range of geotechnical construction observation and testing services in support of our clients’ projects. Observation and testing during construction is a critical final link in a process that starts with the geotechnical investigation. All geotechnical investigations require the use of engineering judgment to evaluate likely variations in subsurface conditions between a finite number of investigation points. Key assumptions with the potential to affect the project design need to be confirmed during construction. Construction observation and testing provides a means by which unanticipated conditions can be addressed in a timely manner and verifies that the project was constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications. Key construction observation and testing services that we provide include:

  • Review of geotechnical construction submittals and requests for information
  • Laboratory testing of proposed geotechnical materials
  • Laboratory compaction curves to determine maximum dry density and moisture content of fill materials
  • In-situ testing of fill density and moisture content
  • Observation of completed footing investigations
  • Observation during drilled pier and driven pile installation
  • Observation during the installation and testing of tiebacks and tiedowns
  • Observation of surface and subsurface drainage installations
  • Observation during excavation, keying, and benching
  • Observation during fill placement, subgrade preparation, and proof-rolling
  • Observation and testing services during ground improvement