2001 Center Street Building – Berkeley, CA

Geotechnical Investigation
Construction Observation and Testing Services

2001 Center Street Building - Berkeley, CAAKA performed detailed geotechnical studies for a seven-story, reinforced concrete office building at the corner of Center and Milvia Streets. Due to the weight of the heavy structure, long-term settlement was a concern. Shallow foundation support was selected after settlement studies were performed by AKA, who also monitored the construction of the building foundations. Minimal settlement has occurred since construction.

Concord Plaza – Concord, CA

Construction-Phase Geotechnical Consultation

Concord Plaza - Concord, CAA major office building in the Concord area was proposed and parking requirements dictated that six below-grade parking levels were necessary for the building. In addition, the structure was immediately adjacent to an active trace of the Concord fault. At the time of construction in the early 1980s, it is believed this was the deepest excavation in the East Bay for commercial construction. AKA worked with a specialty contractor to develop the soldier pile and tie-back scheme for the deep excavation and also monitored the permanent foundation installation.