Manufacturing Facility – West Mexico

Vibration Impact Study & Geotechnical Investigation

Manufacturing Facility West MexicoAKA in conjunction with Colin Gordon Associates ( performed a construction vibration impact study for a large manufacturing facility in West Mexico. The facility operates 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Redevelopment of an adjacent large property was being planned and large scale new construction was expected to occur in the near future. The manufacturing equipment at this facility was evaluated for sensitivity to vibrations. The scope of work performed by the AKA team included: development of a probable inventory of the construction equipment and their vibration-inducing characteristics; guiding a geotechnical investigation to establish the subsurface conditions at the site and evaluating the effects as the vibrations pass through the ground to the manufacturing building in operations; performing a detailed evaluation of the sensitivity of the existing equipment to establish probable level of offsite vibrations that would reach the site and evaluating vibration levels exceeded the tolerances of the manufacturing facility equipment.

The project involved great coordination efforts between the Mexican engineering firm, the local drilling company, and the American design consultants. The results of our study provided valuable information to our client which allowed them to make better and more informed decisions to prevent production interruptions.

Thermal Plant Addition – San Francisco, CA

Foundation Investigation

Thermal Plant Addition - San Francisco, CAA number of buildings in San Francisco’s financial district continue to utilize steam for their heating systems. A foundation investigation was performed by AKA for a proposed addition to the existing San Francisco Thermal Plant located on Jessie Street in San Francisco. The addition consisted of a two-story, concrete-masonry building supported on spread footings. The loose nature of the underlying fill sands and the potential for liquefaction were the primary geotechnical concerns at the site.

Cal-Steam – Hayward, CA

Geotechnical Investigation
Construction Observation and Testing Services

Cal-Steam - Hayward, CAThe owner of a plumbing supply company in Hayward desired a new warehouse. The project was located adjacent to existing office facilities as well as railroad tracks. The new warehouse is a single-story, tilt-up structure on expansive soils. AKA performed the required work on a fast track basis. The geotechnical investigation was completed and immediately phased into construction monitoring operations to expedite the construction.