Mixed Use

Mixed UseAKA has conducted geotechnical investigations for an extensive portfolio of mixed use projects throughout the Bay Area. In this highly-competitive market sector, cost is always a consideration. AKA engineers have extensive experience conducting cost-efficient geotechnical investigations and in developing geotechnical recommendations that are best-suited to both client and project needs. Learn more »


OfficeAKA has performed geotechnical investigations and construction observation services for a variety of office buildings including high-rise structures with multiple underground parking levels. Projects with complicated geotechnical design issues, such as sites underlain by potentially liquefiable soils and high groundwater, are our specialty. Learn more »


CommercialAKA’s project experience includes a broad range of commercial buildings including shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and local businesses. AKA has a special interest in redevelopment projects in local downtown areas. Geotechnical design studies, geologic hazard assessments, and monitoring geotechnical aspects during construction are essential to each individual project. Learn more »


IndustrialAKA provides geotechnical services to owners of a range of industrial facilities including warehouses, thermal plants, and manufacturing facilities. It is not uncommon for industrial facilities to require adequate performance during a strong seismic event which makes the geotechnical input a critical part of the design. Learn more »


CommunityAKA’s project experience includes a broad range of facilities intended for the community and for public use including museums, recreational facilities, and churches. AKA engineers have experience working collaboratively with both government agency personnel and private groups to achieve project objectives involving safety. Learn more »