Fort Scott Sanitary Sewer Improvements – San Francisco, CA

Subsurface Investigation

Ft Scott SewerAKA performed a subsurface investigation for the proposed improvements to the existing sanitary sewer system within the Fort Scott area of the Presidio of San Francisco. The proposed sanitary sewer improvement project involves the replacement of approximately 1,590 linear feet of existing 4½-inch HDPE sewer pipe with a new 6-inch HDPE sewer pipe to be installed through open-trench excavation and pipe bursting. AKA’s subsurface investigation involved drilling borings, conducting laboratory tests and providing a data report to be used for design of the new sanitary sewer improvements.


Geotechnical Study

ExxonThe Exxon refinery in Martinez needed to repair the corrosion coating on approximately 35 feet of a 20-inch diameter petroleum pipeline extending adjacent to a levee road and Interstate 680. AKA performed geotechnical studies to assess requirements for the shoring design required to access the pipeline through an area underlain by soft marsh soils and a high water table.

Stege Sanitary District

Geotechnical Investigation

Stege Sanitary DistrictStege Sanitary District operates the sanitation system for sections of the northern East Bay. A replacement pipeline was proposed in the Kensington area immediately adjacent to the active Blakemont Landslide. AKA performed subsurface studies to provide a subsurface characterization to aid in the design of the replacement pipeline.