San Bruno Mountain

Geotechnical Investigations
Consultation during Construction

San Bruno MountainA series of geotechnical studies spanning 15 years have been performed by AKA for various clients on San Bruno Mountain. The studies pertain to four towers, two satellite dish areas with six dishes each, and miscellaneous support buildings to provide improved communications along the San Francisco peninsula area of the San Francisco Bay. Towers range in height from approximately 200 to 300 feet.

Sunol Tower

Geotechnical and Geologic Investigation
Construction Observation and Testing Services

Sunol TowerA new tower and communications building were planned for Sunol Peak to reach eastern Alameda County. AKA performed geologic and geotechnical studies and recommended deep caisson foundations to carry the large vertical and lateral loads on the facilities. Downhole inspections of all caissons were performed by AKA during construction along with monitoring of other foundation and grading operations.

Mt. Diablo Tower

Geotechnical and Geologic Investigation

Mt. Diablo TowerA 90-foot-high television broadcasting tower topped by a 46-foot antenna replaced one of the existing towers on the north peak of Mount Diablo (see arrow for location). Detailed geologic and geotechnical studies by AKA, including specific evaluations related to slope stability and wind velocity, were performed.