Santa Barbara Road – Berkeley, CA

Geotechnical and Geologic Hazard Investigation
Fault Rupture Investigation

Santa Barbara RoadAKA conducted a geotechnical and geologic investigation for a site in the Berkeley Hills, located in close proximity to the Hayward fault, and also within an area of active deep-seated landslide creep movements. Our work included a site-specific deep boring along with a numerical analysis of potential landslide displacement during a major seismic event on a nearby fault. In addition, we conducted a site-specific evaluation of fault rupture hazards, which included excavation of two exploratory trenches across the site to look for evidence of previous fault ruptures. Our subsurface exploration, including fault trenching, concluded that the Hayward fault did not pass beneath the proposed structure and our numerical analysis aided in the design of the foundation for the new residence.

Alameda County Animal Shelter – San Leandro, CA

Fault Hazard Assessment and Geotechnical Investigation

Alameda County Animal Shelter - San Leandro, CAAKA conducted a fault hazard assessment for a proposed new Animal Shelter as part of a comprehensive geotechnical and geologic investigation. The project site is located on county-owned property adjacent to the active Hayward fault. Our work, which was performed for the Alameda County General Services Administration, included conducting a detailed surface fault rupture hazard assessment in accordance with the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act. The scope of our hazard assessment included excavating and logging an approximately 300-foot long exploratory trench crossing the proposed Animal Shelter site. Our hazard assessment showed the site to be free of significant surface fault rupture hazards; results which we demonstrated to the satisfaction of the County’s peer reviewer in an onsite meeting. Once we had established that there were no significant geologic hazards that would preclude site development, we rapidly proceeded with supplemental borings and prepared a comprehensive design-level investigation for the project.

Nyingma Institute – Berkeley, CA

Fault Hazard Evaluation
Construction Observation Services

Nyingma Institute - Berkeley, CAAdditional housing was being provided for this Tibetan Buddhist meditation and training facility. This project adapted the housing in a historic structure, which tied into the main facilities on an adjacent property. A key issue included the location of the site immediately adjacent to the Hayward fault. Fault trenching with respect to the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zone was performed and it was determined the fault did not pass beneath the structure. Various existing structures on the property had to be adapted and sensitivities to neighboring properties had to be considered. AKA utilized previous existing geotechnical studies for UC Berkeley, which helped facilitate design efforts, and monitored construction throughout the project.

El Cerrito Fire Station – El Cerrito, CA

Geologic Hazard Evaluation and Geotechnical Investigation
Construction Observation Services

El Cerrito Fire Station - El Cerrito, CAA new fire station facility was planned by the City of El Cerrito to meet fire fighting service needs on the hillsides. The fire station is located immediately adjacent to an active trace of the Hayward fault. Geologic hazards were assessed and geotechnical design criteria established. In addition, careful monitoring was performed during construction with respect to locations of possible splinter fault traces.