La Conchita Slope Stabilization – Ventura, CA

Geotechnical Engineering Assessment

La Conchita Slope Stabilization - Ventura, CAAKA conducted a geotechnical engineering assessment for the State of California Governors Office of Emergency Services (OES) relating to slope instability at the town of La Conchita.  AKA lead a multi-disciplinary project team that included specialists in geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, seismology, risk assessment, and cost estimating. The scope of our initial assessments included compiling and reviewing available subsurface information from previous test borings, monitoring wells, and other geotechnical data sources as well as historic aerial photography and new topographic data obtained using aerial laser scanning methods. Based on these data sets, preliminary conceptual designs were developed and analyzed to evaluate feasibility, risk, and costs. The results of our initial study included a suite of conceptual risk management options and geotechnical mitigation approaches that were submitted to the Governor for action. Once a preferred concept is selected and funded, it will be fully-investigated, designed, and constructed in two follow-on project phases.