Vallejo Post Office – Vallejo, CA

Geotechnical Investigation
Construction Observation and Testing Services

Vallejo Post Office - Vallejo, CAAKA performed a geotechnical investigation and provided consultation services during the construction of a new post office carrier annex in the city of Vallejo. The project included a single story building, loading dock, and employee parking, carrier parking, and customer parking lots. We worked closely with the general contractor to monitor the geotechnical aspects during construction including foundation excavations and grading operations.

El Cerrito Fire Station – El Cerrito, CA

Geotechnical Investigation and Geologic Hazards Evaluation
Construction Observation and Testing Services

El Cerrito Fire Station - El Cerrito, CAA new fire station facility was planned by the City of El Cerrito to meet fire fighting service needs on the hillsides. The fire station is located immediately adjacent to an active trace of the Hayward fault. Geologic hazards were assessed and geotechnical design criteria established. In addition, careful monitoring was performed during construction with respect to locations of possible splinter fault traces.

Hills Fire Station – Berkeley, CA

Geotechnical Study
Stabilization Plans and Specifications
Construction Observation and Testing

Hills Fire Station - Berkeley, CAAKA provided design-level geotechnical recommendations, plans and specifications, and construction observation/testing services to the City of Berkeley Public Works Department for the stabilization of a 50-foot-high hillslope behind a critical Fire Department facility. The project was initiated in response to a direct request from the City to help them find a means of stabilizing the slope that would be less costly than the drilled-pier and tieback system that was previously envisioned. AKA utilized the existing available onsite data to develop an alternative geo-reinforced fill slope design that provided several key benefits. First, it could be completed within the City’s targeted cost; second, it allowed the slope to be constructed at a steeper inclination, which eliminated the need for costly retaining walls; third, it could be designed and constructed in a shorter period of time, which would allow construction of the adjacent fire station building to  proceed on schedule. The entire project, which included a geotechnical investigation, plans and specifications, competitive bidding, and construction, was completed over a period of just 9 months.

Pleasant Hill Corporation Yard – Pleasant Hill, CA

Geotechnical Investigation
Construction Observation and Testing Services

Pleasant Hill Corporation Yard - Pleasant Hill, CAThe City of Pleasant Hill decided to enlarge their corporation yard, including a service center building for the public and a series of buildings and storage facilities. During construction of the project, difficulties were encountered due to the extremely wet ground conditions, which had to be paved for large vehicle use in the corporation yard. Special techniques were utilized to successfully complete this work. AKA provided both geotechnical design and construction monitoring services.