CommunityAlan Kropp and Associates personnel are actively engaged in professional, business, and public spheres to communicate geotechnical engineering principles for public and private benefit. Mr. Kropp is a frequent lecturer at American Society of Civil Engineers and UC Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering programs. He has also made international presentations at many locations including Japan and Nepal, and his written technical articles have been published in a wide variety of professional publications. Mr. Kropp serves on the board of directors or advisory boards for numerous business, professional, and community outreach organizations in order to return benefit to others from the blessing his career has brought to his life.

Several engineers have spoken to a number of high school and minority student groups about pursuing engineering careers and the satisfaction they have found in geotechnical engineering consulting.

AKA employees enjoy giving back to the community by volunteering in a variety of personal activities. Some activities include serving on a local elementary school PTA board, being a Girl Scout Leader, introducing GIS mapping to elementary school students, volunteering with grassroots groups for local city elections, and working with Project Censored.